I’m Christine, an instructional designer with an inquisitive spirit that wants to learn more about #innovatiochristine facen #creativity #crazyideas and #helpingotherslearn.

I don’t have a degree in instructional design, I don’t have 20 years experience, but what I do have is some crazy creativity and a natural ability in the area of instructional design.  I have a certificate in Adult Education with a specialization in Workplace Learning; since I already do instructional design, I wanted to learn something a bit more strategic and a bit more organization focused.  It has provided depth to the knowledge I gained from doing.

I started out in nursing school way back in the early 90’s and moved onto such adventures as ‘stay at home parent’ and ‘managing a clinic’ and ‘pharmacy technician’.    Around my 33rd birthday, I got the crazy idea that I might want to actually focus and decide on a life’s work and attended a “find yourself” kind of workshop.  I discovered, sitting in a dingy room with other people with no focus, that the one constant in all of my positions was that I liked telling other people what to do.  I realized that I was far better at telling people what to do than actually doing it; surprisingly, I was *great* at it.  And from there…  a professional career in learning was born!

Ten years later I have a solid background in facilitation, training, instructional design and workplace learning.    I love every second of designing learning solutions.    Drop me a line or leave a comment – I’m always looking for others to follow.


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