the #gLamouRousLife

You know how it is.   It’s like the first time you get a traveling-for-work job and everyone thinks it must be so glamourous, but after two or three weeks the truth seeps out:  it sucks living out of suitcases and eating out of cartons.  It’s lonely and boring and you’re often too tired to enjoy the scenery.

I’m tasked with coming up with a training schedule and proposal and I’m doing it in excel and following someone else’s proposal.  These are the unglamourous days of filling in excel cells and double checking your work and hoping against hope that you’ve scheduled the right person in the right province on the right day.  It’s necessary work for the rest of the work, but it’s not glamourous or particularly interesting work.   It’s hard to stay focused.

But I found this article to help me stay focused.  This is one of those breaks from the short bursts.  Not all instructional design and learning tasks can be as interesting and glamourous as the other 95%