the push and puLL of LeaRning design

I was speaking to someone yesterday about our five year ambitions, prompted after seeing a women-in-leadership panel discussion.  Those of you who know me know that I’m not particularly ambitious as far as climbing the corporate ladder goes, but that I’m quite ambitious as far as learning goes.  In articulating my five year ambitions, I found that my goals revolve around some simple ideology:

  • I want to see an organization move from having a learning team to being a learning organization.
  • I want to see learning move from pushed down to pulled in.

My studies in workplace learning have prompted this desire, but so has my research into intrinsic motivation and learning preference.  I think that learning has a huge role to play in culture and change, and should be considering operation in the organizational effectiveness space.

My current ambition, though, is to understand how bite-sized learning, micro-learning, and social learning feed into the intrinsic motivation of learners. I feel like understanding the art and science behind these concepts will open up some ideas around how to move learning from push to pull and how to eventually move organizations from “having learning teams” to “being” a learning team.