customizabLe cReativity – teLLing a good stoRy

You know what people  value in an ID?  Creativity.

You know what’s incredibly difficult to manufacture on command?  Creativity.

I’m a storyteller at heart.   And thank goodness, adult learning principles tell us that storytelling works to teach people things.  It puts the learning in a context and scenario that is easily identified with and helps people work through their emotions and beliefs.

So when I’m in a situation like I’m currently in – somewhat dry subject matter and nerdy business owners who want this information “trained”, and when I’m being asked for a creative piece of training – I rely on storytelling.

Here’s my process.  As I look at the content and the business and performance objectives, I think about scenarios where they could actually be accomplished.  Or I think about situations where they might not  be accomplished and what would hold the person back from performing.  Once I’ve established that, I dream up what could be used in these scenarios – a lead, a problem, a goal – and start writing a story about a hero and their outcome.  The outcome is the objective, the hero is the person whose behaviour we’re attempting to change, and the steps to the hero meeting the outcome is the process we’re attempting to train.  In the story, I take the “readers” through the hero’s thought processes, behaviours, and belief system to help them see themselves and connect to the training.  It doesn’t always work,  but sometimes you get a very captivating piece of learning.

Or, at least, an interesting script to share with your co-workers as you dream up plan b.